Are You Tired Of Urban Environment Behind Your Window? Are You Looking For Escape Travel And Connection With Nature?

Get Your Unique Escape Travel To Latvia And Fun Discoveries In Nature With Us:

  • Enjoy pristine nature that has been lost in large part of modern Europe decades ago! Latvia is a Nordic heaven for eco-tourism. It is one of the greenest countries in the World!
  • Take part in ancient Baltic traditions that you won't find anywhere else in the world!
  • Get immersed in authentic ancient Baltic pagan traditions closely related to nature!
  • Combine your business or leisure trip in Riga with fun discoveries in nature outside the city! Latvia starts outside Riga!
  • Collect new amazing under-the-radar travel places for your travel log-book!
  • Get out for hiking, kayaking, biking, bird watching and other activities in off-the-beaten path places!
  • Try ancient Latvian sauna ritual and get rid of physical and mental toxins  that have accumulated during your modern daily life! BEWARE: Latvian sauna expands consciousness, cleans you physically and mentally and may transform your life forever!
  • Celebrate Summer solstice like nowhere else in the world!
  • Immerse yourself in UNESCO recognized Song and Dance Festival once in every five years!

Imagine pristine wild sandy beaches, forests, lakes, rivers and bog-lands!  Imagine Nordic-Baltic wilderness!


We'll bring you there...


We are travel company that helps you to discover and write your own story because we listen to you!


Find your own off-the-beaten path with us!

We'll bring you back to nature!



Latvia is a magical place. Our country is a unique combination of unspoiled nature, unique culture and deep-rooted Baltic traditions, taking part in which will make your journey into "once in a lifetime" experience.


  From wide sandy beaches to the deep forests. From secluded lakes and lazy rivers to the natural bogs full of wilderness. From the World's capital of Art Nouveau Riga to the cozy small towns with their relaxed life style. Despite of being in the crossroads between the West and the East, Latvia is a gem for those, who are in search for "off the beaten track" in their lives.


We have 500 km of coastline. More than 50% of our land is covered by forests and more than 10% by different bogs. We are rich with lakes and rivers. We celebrate summer solstice day most extensively and attractively in our region. Latvians like to celebrate life and we do it with passion and with ancient traditions included. Find the serenity of being unplugged here, thrill of the outdoors and be immersed in our culture and traditions.


Come to discover and explore Latvia and we will also help you to discover a new part of yourself.


"i-Dā" comes from "aidā" in Latvian, which means enthusiastic "let's go". So let's "i-Dā" to the off-the-beaten path and off-the-beaten time  adventure with us. 


"i-Dā" will bring a new type of experience in your life whether you are travelling individually or in a small like-minded groups. 


We will plan and organize custom made hiking, biking, kayaking, nature photography and bird watching tours in Latvia for you and your friends.


We are oriented to sustainable eco-tourism.


We listen and we care... 

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