"I founded "i-Dā" with a vision of new revolutionary type of travel company. "i-Dā" comes from Latvian "aidā", which means enthusiastic "let's go". English "i" emphasizes individual approach and at the same time far reaching global goals of the company by using the benefits of the modern digital technologies.


Being travel enthusiast, adventurer, nature conservation professional and passionate theater actor I came to the idea of combining all these seemingly different elements into one well functioning and amazing mechanism.


I have had many off-the-beaten and also beaten path trips. Thus I have come to a personal realization that nowadays people are more and more often looking for original and most importantly authentic experiences. I am convinced that this closely relates to the overall evolution of humanity and continuous search for our individuality and authenticity in everything around us and in everything we do.


People not only want to "go places, do things and meet people". In our globalized world people want to go to authentic places, do eye opening things and meet like-minded people.



In short, we can call a place truly authentic, if it is what we have actually arrived there for. We are often after pristine nature values and authentic traditions in all their variety. Yet, how often do we find them today? Therefore, sustainable tourism is of an utmost importance. We want the nature and cultural values of our planet to be saved. I am an expert in nature conservation. After many years of work in this area I am convinced that there is no better way how to convince people that we are all part of nature then taking them to the nature. Traveling to authentic places opens the eyes of the people.



I believe that we can discover eye-opening things only through experiences. We get experiences when we go to escape travels, when we are open to adventures.


Traveling away from touristic places gives you great opportunities for new adventures. I've tried this in so many places. Wherever I go I see eye-opening things. I've come to many realizations while traveling here in Latvia and in the deep Amazon jungle, hiking to Machu Picchu in Peru and in the remote Corcovado National Park in Costa-Rica,  kayaking and diving off-the-beaten-path places in Thailand, and climbing in the Olympus Mount in Greece. Eye-opening things are everywhere, if you are adventurous enough to look for them.



I am fully convinced that all the people that meet each other on this fascinating planet are always somehow like-minded. While travelling in small groups, seemingly total strangers often become best friends. Here is how we break the ethnical, cultural, language and all other imaginable and non-imaginable artificial barriers built by the society. I highly value individual travel experiences. However, there is also something more about small group escape travels, where people are discovering each other. Humans are social beings. We are looking for those who might understand us. Escape travel can be fun.



Apart from travelling, I have also found in my life another tool that almost literary do magic. It is improvisation theater. Travel and improvisation has so much in common. Both of them crash barriers among people letting us to enjoy experiences, being truly here and now and to be totally free. Whether we use these opportunity or not, is up to us.


I deeply believe that all kinds of travel must contribute to our natural temptation for freedom on personal and also on a wider society level.


As a biologist and convinced conservationist I strongly share the vision of sustainable tourism and responsible, nature friendly travelling. This is the principle that we follow in all our services."


Rolands Ratfelders

"i-Dā Adventures" founder 


We are off-the-beaten path travel and eco-tourism consultancy and management company based in Latvia. We value the principles of sustainable tourism. We truly believe that individual and small like-minded group adventures is the best travel experience what everyone can have. We believe that every travel experience should be authentic and should reveal the best of the local nature and culture. We are not typical travel operator or travel agency because we believe that as open minded travelers we can help other travelers simply by suggesting you where to go, what to do and what to see. We want to suggest you the most authentic places and we will be glad to accompany you on your trip. We believe that travel will become less and less about tourism and more and more about the real individual experience. We follow the same principles while consulting both - travelers and eco-tourism developers. We are travel company that helps you to write your own story.


We all know that traveling and tourism is not actually the same. "i-Dā" is convinced that travel is not only escaping from everyday's routine. We deeply believe that any travel should contribute to better understanding among people with different cultural backgrounds, as well as to breaking prejudices and barriers of communication. Therefore we invite YOU to go to authentic places, do eye opening things and meet like-minded people. We invite you to choose sustainable travel services with respect to the local nature values, culture and traditions .


Many foreign friends often complements us on how good we can advertise our country. For us it has always felt naturally. We are just telling about Latvia - the place where we have born, where we live, the place that we love and admire, and the place that is friendly and welcoming and totally unique in its nature, history and culture. Latvia is truly a magical place. Our country is unique combination of unspoiled nature, unique culture and deeply rooted Baltic traditions, taking part in which will make your journey into "once in a lifetime" experience. We also believe that you can tell your own story with the same passion about any place on the Earth, wherever you are coming from.


As with our original improvisation approach during your adventure we are able to help you to recharge both mentally and physically. If traveling in a group, this approach will help you to get in contact with your group mates much faster and you might get new like minded friends for a lifetime.  With our help you will gain deep insight in the Baltic nature and ancient culture that is closely related to living in accordance to nature.


We are all about authentic sustainable experiences and quality time spent in nature. We love hiking, boating, biking, nature photography, and we are proud of our cultural heritage. We like what we do. We like to share our experiences with other travelers and  eco-tourism developers.


Find your own off-the-beaten path and endless adventures with us!