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Imagine yourself going to the next epic hiking, biking, kayaking, bird watching or nature photography adventure to a new unique eco-tourism destination in Nordic Europe!


Do you enjoy wilderness? Imagine pristine wild sandy beaches, forests, lakes, rivers and bog-lands! 


Probably you do you like experience authentic ancient traditions and get immersed in them?


We will bring you there because we are travelers who want to help other travelers to experience something unique and authentic. We will bring you to the most amazing off-the-beaten-path travel adventures in Latvia.


We will help you to plan and organize your trip to make it truly authentic. We invite YOU to come to Latvia and see authentic places, do eye opening things and meet like-minded people.


We focus on sustainable off-the-beaten path trips. We are ready to share with you our endless energy to make your journey unforgettable.


We'll bring you back to nature!


Our Escape Travel Services

Contact us and we will:

  • Arrange one or multiple days hiking, biking, boating and (during the spring and autumn season) also bird-watching trips for you;
  • Organize your participation in our unique ancient Baltic traditions, including the celebration of summer solstice, Latvian sauna ritual, and UNESCO recognized Song and Dance Festival;
  • Plan your off-the-beaten path trip from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, whether it is a one day trip or multiple days' combination. Based on your interests we will suggest, where to go, what to do and what to see with the focus on our nature and authentic traditions;
  • Suggest you the best off-the-beaten path and off-the-beaten time activities in the most beautiful paces of our pristine nature far away from crowds;
  • We will accompany you during your trip with a special and original Improv-travel approach. It includes some "magic" elements from improvisation theater. Thus your discoveries in nature will be fun. We are nature and ecotourism experts, and we will serve as moderators between you and our country's nature and culture so you can get the most out of your trip.

We also arrange services for travel enthusiasts and professionals. 


We can organize each of the following activities separately or combine several of them in one trip. All Latvian traditions are closely related to the nature. So we always suggest nature travelers to combine their nature activities with any of our original traditions and cultural events.


Find your own off-the-beaten path with us!