24. January 2018
Have You Tried Kayaking In Flooded Meadows and Woodlands? Read About Amazing Winter Kayaking Trip While Travelling In Latvia.
24. January 2018
Find out about new amazing long distance hiking trail in Northern Europe. Hiking along the coastline of all three Baltic States: a new lifetime experience!
29. August 2017
60 km of cycling challenge done in one day along the wildest Baltic Sea coast in Latvia: mix of the forest trails and the beach! No worries - it is possible to take a shorter (or longer) biking and/or hiking trip here.
26. August 2017
Ziemeļvidzeme Biosphere Reserve organised first Travel days on 26-27 August. "i-Dā Adventures" couched the early autumn hike around Ramatas Lielezers lake in the remote Ziemeļu Purvi Nature Reserve. The site on the Latvian-Estonian border. it is one of the most ancient well preserved bog-lands preserved in Baltic states. Hiking trails in Latvian bogs provide deep sense of tranquility. You are truly off-the-beaten-path here.
24. July 2017
Have you heard about Latgale? It is the region of Latvia rich with lakes. That is why we call it the land of blue lakes. There is no better place for kayaking in lakes in our country. You will enjoy total wilderness and serenity here...
12. July 2017
Even one day hiking experience along the wild Baltic Sea cost in Latvia can totally change one's perspective about this region. You will find sun, wind and breathtaking views here. You will find your own off the beaten path...
06. July 2017
We spent two wonderful canoeing days with "Valmiera SOS children village" children. 42 truly off the beaten path kilometers done on two rivers and one of the biggest lake in Latvia - Burtnieku lake. Big challenge, all the spectrum of emotions, tired but happy children, lots of laugh, great talks about travel around the World at the bone fire...
27. June 2017
Latvian sauna ritual takes around 5 hours. Yes, it is so long and at the same time it feels so short for those involved. For some of us this was the first time, but definitely not the last one. You get cleaned both physically and mentally. This is our Latvian way how we get deeply relaxed and fall into meditation and oneness with nature. Everybody will get its own very special experience during this unique ancient ritual. We guarantee! There is nothing similar anywhere else on Earth.
26. June 2017
Two days hiking distance done in one day. 40 km (!) in 10 hours along gorgeous Baltic Sea coast and Pape Lake. Wilderness, off the beaten path, tranquility, the power and beauty of nature...all in one #hiking #Latviatravel #natureinlatvia
23. June 2017
Celebrating summer solstice (called "Līgo" here) following the original Latvian traditions is always an unforgettable experience you won't find anywhere else in the World. Summer solstice is the point when nature reaches the peak of its fertility. Latvians love nature. All our traditions and life itself are based in natural cycles. Next summer we invite you to take part in this unique large scale tradition, which happens on 23-24 June.

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