Best biking & hiking adventure along the Baltic Sea coast

Hiking trails along the open Baltic Sea coast from Kolka Cape is a great choice for off-the-beaten-path seekers. You can choose hiking or cycling along the beach or in the coastal forest visiting several traditional fishermen villages on the way. This will be a special experience as these villages are old Liivs’ fishermen settlements. Liivs are one of the smallest nations in the World. There are now only about 250 Liivs’ people left in Latvia and only a few speak Liivs’ language, which is Finno-Ugric language. Only some other nations today belong to Finno-Ugric languages: Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian. For the note: the Latvian language is Indo-European language, where most European languages come from.


The area itself is one of the most remote in Latvia and until the beginning of 20th century, it was not accessible by any other means than by foot. Dense, beatitiful forests cover large part of this area. The pristine old pine forest is amazing and provides a true sense of wilderness.


The area is in Slītere National Park. The beach is gorgeous here. It is wide and sandy. You can also drive here on MTB. Also, the forest roads here are marked as cycling route 558. Be sure you try the traditional smoked fish (particularly flatfish called “bute” here) in any of rare spots in fishermen villages. It is delicious. You can also buy these smoked wonders in other villages along the Baltic Sea coast, of course. We did around 60 km cycling tour here from Kolka to Sīkrags and back. It was challenging and fulfilling at the same time. Be sure you take enough water with you as it may become

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