Visit Latvia, spending the night comfortably surrounded by green nature

Are You developing your ecotourism place, strategy, plan or project? Are you a private guesthouse or rural SPA owner, a company, a state/municipal institution or a non-governmental organisation? 


We will help You to find the best solution for making Your place truly authentic, appealing and informative for your visitors.


We will help You to create a place, where each visitor feels great and wants to return.


We believe that each place is unique, because of its own appeal, which is based on unique national, regional and local nature values and traditions.


We will help You to reveal full potential of your ecotourism services based on holistic, nature friendly and sustainable tourism approach.


We are nature and ecotourism experts, experienced project managers and travelers with more than 18 years of experience. We've collected a bunch of good and bad ecotourism examples. So we know what You should do to build a sustainable ecotourism place. 


Our services are aimed at helping you to make Your ecotourism business into passion with endless potential of growth.

We provide the following services:

Visit Latvia, spending the night comfortably surrounded by green nature

Consultations in development of nature friendly and traditions oriented guesthouses, small rural hotels, campings, glampings and rural SPAs

Visit Latvia, nature, bonfire, traditions, food

Consultations in development of truly authentic tourism services based on local traditions to make them attractive for target customers

Visit Latvia, kayaking through Latgale lakes

Consultations to the local and regional active nature tourism service providers

Visit Latvia, hiking along Baltic sea through forests

Consultations to the eco-tourism infrastructure developers

Visit Latvia, nature, green forests

Consultations in development of best eco-tourism and nature conservation strategies to minimize anthropogenic pressures on the protected nature areas and on biodiversity

Consultations in development of eco-tourism policies, strategies, plans and programs

Preparation and management of projects related to eco-tourism and nature conservation. Consultations in development, implementation of the projects, including technical, administrative and financial aspects