Visit Latvia, enjoy picturesque views


Visit Latvia, hiking, beautiful wild nature


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Visit Latvia, enjoy green, wild nature

Latvian culture is strongly related to nature, which is, probably, why we can be proud to be called one of the greenest countries in the world. Get immersed in our unspoiled Nordic-Baltic nature and unique cultural heritage. Discover vast sandy beaches, deep forests, pristine bogs and numerous lakes and rivers.


Visit Latvia, hiking along Baltic sea, sandy beaches and pristine nature

Get on one or several of our stunning hiking routes along the stunning Latvian coast of the Baltic sea and Riga Bay. It is part of the longest hiking route in the Baltic states, which starts  at the South-West coast of Latvia and ends in the capital of Estonia - Tallinn (altogether around 1,200 km). You can also opt for our alternative hiking routes in pristine woodlands and bogs.


Visit Latvia, kayaking through rivers, wilderness

With our many pristine lakes and rivers, Latvia is a paradise for boating and kayaking. You can even get on a kayak in Riga and explore our cozy urban environment and industrial part of the harbor from a very unique perspective. If you are brave enough, you can also try kayaking in the Baltic sea and Riga bay.


Visit Latvia, biking Baltic sea, sandy beaches and pristine nature

Latvia with it's overall flat and in some places slightly hilly terrain and lots of dry pine forests is perfect for no too strenuous biking. Choose a mountain bike for an adventurous ride in our forests or on the beach or the vintage Erenpreis bike for relaxing ride in a town.


During the spring and autumn migration periods (April-May and September-October) Latvia is a paradise for birdwatchers. We have several excellent sports of high migratory bird species' conglomeration. Such areas are Pape Lake Nature Park in the South West, Kolka cape in the Nord-West (where Riga Bay and open Baltic Sea meets), Engure Lake Nature Park and others. Bird watching towers are established in all these places, thus making bird watching a pleasure.


Visit Latvia, enjoy Baltic sea, sandy beaches, picturesque, different landscapes

Gauja National Park (in Vidzeme) has the greatest landscapes. It has the best tourism infrastructure, amazing hiking, biking and boating opportunities. However, it is consequently one of the primary tourist areas here. Still we can arrange your trip so that you will not be bothered much by the crowds. Ķemeri National Park (in Zemgale/Kurzeme) has great biodiversity and bird-watching opportunities. More distant Slītere National Park in the very Nord-West (Kurzeme) will surprise you with its serenity, breath taking wide sandy beaches and pristine forests and bogs.  Eastern part of Latvia (Latgale) is the core of our hospitality and land of many many lakes. There is also the youngest of our National Parks around Lake Rāzna and unrepeatable Lubāna Wetland, being a great area for bird watching. These are only some - most popular nature sites to see. However, you can also choose visiting smaller protected areas, some being real nature treasures hidden from the sights of public and unknown by most of travelers. We will suggest you where to go and what to see.


Visit Latvia, Latvian Song and Dance Festival

Take part in our traditions, which are all closely related to living according the nature and natural cycles. We especially welcome you to our unique celebration of summer solstice on 23-24 June. If you are lucky you can even get to our unique UNESCO recognized Singing and Dancing Festival held only once in every five years.