Scenic Coastal Hike In Kolka Cape (1 day)

  • Enjoy scenic coastal hike in Kolka Cape - a unique place where the open Baltic Sea and Riga Bay meet
  • Get a fun day in wilderness with our special Improv-travel approach
  • Get to know more about nature values of Slītere National Park and nature conservation in Latvia and Europe


We'll start our adventure near Kolka Village. We'll hike ca. 20 km (12 miles) along the secluded beach of the open Baltic Sea and will return in Kolka Cape at the end of our hike ca. 6 hours later!  The hiking path leads on the wide sandy beach and on the coastal forest trails. The area itself is one of the remotest in Latvia. You will soak up the fresh and healthy air of the sea and of the beautiful pine forest.  This is a tour for true wilderness lovers.


At the end of your hike you will witness, how the traditional Latvian smoked fish is being made and will be able to taste this traditional Latvian goody. 


We will also accompany you should you wish to visit Slīteres Lighthouse and local exhibition center after our hike. It is perfect top for the day. You will see the vast forests of Slītere National Park and the Baltic Sea from the top of the lighthouse.  For those who still have power it is possible to take a walk on the short (1.3 km) nature trail in the strict nature protection zone of Slītere National Park. It's amazing!


Duration:  ca.  7 hours


What's included: 

  • Fun Improv-travel eco-tour leader
  • Special Improv-travel approach for a group of 2 or more
  • Guided Fun Adventure
  • Free local transportation from to Riga for the groups up to 4 people



  • The tour price is per person (starting from the age of 14)  and depends on the group sizePlease choose from the list below! If the group size exceeds the one you have paid for, the price difference will be reimbursed 
  • If you are a solo traveler please contact us for an individual arrangement!
  • For returning travelers we apply 15% discount on the top of other discounts. Please leave a note with a reference regarding your previous visit  and the price difference will be reimbursed.
  • For the groups with small children (under 13 years) please contact us for individual arrangement
  • Take your  lunch-box and daily snacks and drinks with you
  • Smoked fish costs around 15 EUR per person extra (availability depending on the season). Please bring  some cash!
  • Entry fee in Slītere Lighthouse : 1.20 EUR  for adults, 0.60 EUR for children (7-18 years old) 
  • Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for different weather conditions
  • Don't forget your swimsuit  in case you  plan taking this tour in summer
  • All our tours are small like-minded group adventures


DISCLAIMER: Hiking trails to be visited and actions to be taken may vary  from tour to tour depending on  season, weather conditions, availability of the attractions and our expanding creativity.  We try to provide our guests with original experiences that may differ from the previous ones. We will inform you about availability of the standard attractions before your trip.  If necessary, we always substitute actions with the same kind or similar actions and taking into account our guests' wishes. We try to avoid mass tourism sports and peak timings as much as possible to provide our guests with the most authentic experiences possible.

40,00 €