Kayaking Adventure In Gauja River Valley

  • Enjoy the stunning views to Gauja River Valley from a kayak or a canoe
  • Get fun with our special Improv-travel approach
  • Get to know more about nature values of Gauja National Park and nature conservation in Latvia and Europe


We'll start our adventure at Līgatne Railway station. During this unforgettable day you will cruise down ca. 20 km from Līgatne town to Sigulda town. We'll start early so we can enjoy the beautify of the nature undisturbed. Be ready for impressive scenery of the Gauja National Park as this is one of the most beautiful kayaking/canoeing sections in Latvia.  Our knowledgeable eco-tour guide will engage you with our special Improv-travel approach and will tell you about the nature and culture values of Latvia. 


Transport: Train from Riga arrives in Līgatne Railway Station at 7:55 leaves Riga Central Railway Station at 6:21.


Start/end points: Tours starts in Līgatne Railway Station and end in Sigulda Town where you will catch your train back to Riga.


Duration:  ca. 6 hours


What's included: 

  • Fun Improv-travel eco-tour leader
  • Special Improv-travel approach for a group of 2 or more
  • Guided Fun Adventure
  • Free local transportation from to Riga for the groups up to 4 people



  • The tour price is per person (starting from the age of 14)  and depends on the group size. Please choose from the list below! If the group size exceeds the one you have paid for, the price difference will be reimbursed 
  • If you are a solo traveler please contact us for an individual arrangement!
  • For returning travelers we apply 15% discount on the top of other discounts. Please leave a note with a reference regarding your previous visit  and the price difference will be reimbursed.
  • Children under the age of 13 are free of charged, if they are accompanied by an adult and share the canoe with at least two adults or kayak with one adult
  • Take your  breakfast and lunch-box, and daily snacks and drinks with you
  • Kayak or canoe rent costs: 15 EUR per person for double kayak or canoes, 10 EUR per person in a 4-seat canoe
  • Be prepared for different weather conditions
  • All our tours are small like-minded group adventures

40,00 €